Terms & Conditions

All these terms & conditions are mentioned here in the purpose of selling apartment between Latif Real Estate Ltd. (LREL) and the client/(s).

  1. In case of delayed payment the Corporate preserves to right the cancel of booking and the earnest money will be forfeited.
  2. In case of delayed payment the client/(s) will have to pay the amount with in next 4 (Four) weeks with 3% charged as delayed fees.
  3. In case of delay for handing over the apartment the corporate will provide the house rent for that period. In that case the client does not effort to get the house rent if the uncertain occurrence will be happened.
  4. Incase of cancellation of the booking of the apartment after proving the installments during the construction an amount of Tk. 1,50,000.00 (In word One Lac Fifty Thousand Taka only) will be deducted. He will get the rest amount in the decision of corporate.
  5. In case of any changes of interiors of the apartment the client will pay the additional amount to the corporate.
  6. If the client wants to use different quality of fittings & fixtures in the Apartment, the amount allotted by the Corporate for the said fittings & fixtures will be adjusted.
  7. The utility charge will be borne by the client/s.
  8. Tax, Vat, Registration etc. fees and other imposed charges and the imposable charges the Government, then these charges will be borne by the client/(s).
  9. All dues must be paid to the corporate before hand over of the Apartment.
  10. The corporate preserves the right to cancel of allotment of Flat/Plot at any time informing the client by a single notice.
  11. Every allegation about the Flat will be received within 15 days after the Handover of the Flat. Afterward company will not responsible for the allegation.
Both the parties will execute an agreement in this connection as early as possible.